Rocket, the easy to use Crowdfund Creator, is soon to be launched and we want to thank the community for their support with our biggest contest yet! 

In order to participate, you must have submitted at least one “valid entry” (see below). All the valid entries will be entered into a draw, and 3 lucky winners will receive 15,000 FUEL each! Contest closes August 5th 2018.

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How to Enter

Fill out the submission form with all the required fields. You can only submit the form once, so please wait until you have all of your entries before completing your submission.

Contest closes August 5th 2018. Good luck! 15,000 FUEL could be yours.


Ways to Enter

Contest Rules

All the written content subject to screening and approval of your content quality. Directly copying/pasting information from the official website/whitepaper may result in disqualification from the Etherparty Bounty contest.

"Etherparty is blockchain for the masses. The way the community has taken to this mission has been inspiring to us. We're giving back with the Blastoff contest, and at the same time, helping to grow FUEL and Rocket."


VP Product

"Our community has been a core part of Etherparty since day one. We're excited to reward existing members and grow the community even bigger. Together we will bring blockchain technology to the masses. To the moon!"



"I have had the great pleasure to get to know some genuinely amazing people in the community over the past few months. I'm beyond excited to give back with this amazing contest that anyone can participate in."


Community and Customer Success

All information will be gathered in accordance with Etherparty’s Privacy Policy. By submitting your application you agree to the contest terms and conditions. Winners of the contest permit Etherparty to use their Telegram name for promotional purposes.

Blast Off With Rocket Contest

Win 15,000 FUEL Tokens!

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Answer at least one cryptocurrency related question and involve Etherparty or Rocket (at least 100 words).

Write and publish an article on Medium or Steemit about Etherparty or Rocket (at least 250 words).

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No Copy - Paste

Stay Online

Your content must remain online. If your Bitcointalk reply, Twitter tweet, Reddit post, or Medium/Steemit article, are deleted and/or flagged as spam, they will not qualify.

No Fake Accounts

We care about our community. We want to make sure the winner is a real member of our community an entry that is a fake/bot, will be disqualified from the contest.

No Double Submissions

You may only submit one entry per submission type (Twitter, Reddit, BitcoinTalk, Medium/Steemit), for a total of 4 pieces of content and 8 entries.